Puppy playpen

The playpen goes with a birthing box to create a complete assembly which gives the puppies an excellent environment to start off in. Designed for the puppies to learn to walk.
Available in 4 sizes matched to the birthing box.

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The playpen can first of all be used as a rest area for the mother. Access is controlled with the 3-level system of removable access hatches. Later it can be used as a new play area for the puppies to explore. The playpen does not have a bottom.

Playpens go with the corresponding birthing box as listed below.

  • Dog S: FC01 - FB01
  • Dog M: FC02 - FB02
  • Dog L: FC03 - FB03
  • Dog XL: FC04 - FB04


  • Anodised aluminium frame – 20 x 20 gauge sections.


  • White 10 mm PVC.

Puppy playpen

  • No bottom.
  • Attaches to the birthing box
  • Removable access hatches.
  • Play area for puppies.
  • Rest area for the mother.


  • Delivered in kit form.

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S, M, L, XL


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