Long night kennel

Braveur® Night Kennel

Sleeping kennel, night kennel or educational kennel for puppies.

Initially, this is the ideal solution for training a young dog. Puppies quickly learn cleanliness with this kennel. They calmly learn to wait for their master to come and open the door, who becomes the pack leader who permits outings and provides food. The kennel will be perceived as a safe and pleasant den where he can go even when grown up to rest and recuperate, especially when stressed. To achieve that, never punish the dog by shutting him up in his kennel. The night kennel will then prove to be very useful and very practical when you take the dog out for work. He can stay calm inside during meetings or if you are not there for a while. Finally, it will of course be his favourite spot to sleep at night.

Available in 2 styles and 4 sizes. Long et Wide

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BENEFITS OF night kennel

  • Educative: Ideal for potty training puppies.
  • Soothing: Anxious dogs will find this environment soothing. Helps the dog learn to stay by itself in a place that’s safe for it.
  • Well-being & comfort: Isolated from the ground for better comfort.
  • Convenient: Easy to move, simple or wide, it is easy to place.
  • Hygienic: PVC panels are cleaned with a sponge and soap.
  • Design: Sleek style that fits anywhere.
  • Customizable: To decorate with a carpet or a cushion according to the desire.


  • Robust
  • Raised up by 10cm for insulation
  • Washable with soap and water
  • Slatted floors for better dog hygiene
  • Chassis on wheels for easy movement.


  • Floor Insulation = Dog Comfort and Health
  • Hygiene = Easy cleaning with soapy water
  • Solidity = Anodized aluminium and pvc 10mm

Technical information

  • Structure: Anodized aluminium frame - Profile section 20x20mm
  • Panel: 10mm white PVC
  • Base: Independent feet in anodized aluminium - Section 20x20 - Height 100 mm

SEE THE PRODUCT SHEET (FR) : Braveur - Caisse de Nuit

Additional information

Weight N/A
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S, M, L, XL

Slatted floors

With, Without


Chassis on wheels, Independent feet


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