Airplane Dog Crate

Special large dog air transport crates, sizes: M – L – XL – XXL.

For transport by plane as well as for maritime transport, dogs have the obligation to travel in the hold in a crate that meets specific criteria. Our Braveur airplane boxes are manufactured to the standards laid down by the IATA agency – It is however necessary to check the criteria required by your transport company as well as those of the country of arrival / departure which can sometimes be more restrictive.

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What the professionals say

Special transport crate for air travel with your dog. Very robust, they are ideal for large dogs. Braveur Avion crates meet the standards for air transport cages issued by the international air transport agency IATA.

The advantages for air travel with your dog:

  • Rectangular shape = maximizes space for Dog comfort while maintaining full height
  • The boxes have side vents on 3 levels
  • A silicone bottom guarantees the tightness of the case to the maximum
  • Bottom reinforced with an aluminum frame
  • PVC gratings keep it dry while traveling
  • The door closes with 2 closing latches that lock simultaneously plus 2 security ring latches and a recessed lock
  • 4 carrying handles are positioned on the side walls
  • It is possible to add a frame on wheels (optional - contact us)

What makes the difference…

  • From 20 years of experience in the manufacture of transport boxes for dogs
  • Quality materials = anodized aluminum profile and 10mm PVC panels
  • Hygiene = Easy cleaning with soapy water
  • Strength = Anodized aluminum and 10mm pvc
  • Tranquility = the best solution to protect your pet while traveling
  • Durable - Simple and quick maintenance
  • Made in France
  • Meets IATA animal transport cage standards

PLEASE NOTE: Airplane crates meet the IATA specifications for animal transport cages. We advise you to always check with your transport company the specific criteria they apply for the transport of dogs (the company / the country visited).

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How to be sure that the dog crate you choose is the right one for the size of your dog?

Every dog is unique so we recommend that you measure your dog before confirming your purchase. How do you measure your dog?

1- GROUND FOOTPRINT: The dog must be able to travel laid down, turn round and turn over in his crate. That means it must be wider and deeper than the dog when he is laid down.

-> Measure the area taken up by your dog when he is laid down curled up by putting him on a square to check the minimum area of the crate in terms of Width and Length.

2- HEIGHT: The dog must be able to stand up to get in his crate.

-> Measure the size of your dog. With the dog standing, measure from the withers or point of shoulder to the floor. This gives the minimum height of your crate.

NB: It is not a good idea to buy a crate that is too big for your dog because he will be tossed about when the car is moving. By their nature dogs like the feeling of a den created by a confined space.