DIBARO Double is just right for carrying one dog. It goes lengthwise in the boot of your car, keeping some of it free for other things.


  • Made to measure.
  • Innovative design that fits into the car boot perfectly.
  • Practical: leaves space free in the boot for other items.
  • Easy to handle: lightweight crate that is easy to get out of the boot.
  • Secure: latch specially designed for our dog crates.
  • Robust and stable: made of quality materials: anodised aluminium and white 10 mm PVC.
  • Various options: for the comfort and safety of your dog, protection of your passengers and hygiene.
  • Dispatched quickly within 10 days.
  • Ready to use: delivered assembled in France.
  • Technical Details: inclined front panel angled at 15°. Inclined rear panel angled at 15°. Door threshold: 80 mm.



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What the professionals say

DIBARO Double dog crate, model with side bevelled panels and front and rear panels angled at 15°.

Benefits for car journeys with your dog

  • Safety and well-being of your dog.
  • Hygiene in the car.
  • Protects all the passengers.

What makes the difference…

  • 20 years experience in manufacturing transport crates for dogs.
  • Quality materials: anodised aluminium and 10 mm PVC panels.
  • Made to measure for the luggage area of each vehicle: unique products.
  • Durable – Easy and quick to clean and look after.
  • Made in France.

DIBARO dog crates are made to measure for your car and can be customised. 

You will find a choice of options below. You can also display them in our 3D configurator:



  • Key locking: keeps the dog safe in his crate when your car is stopped with the tailgate open.
  • Latch ring: because of its gripping action, it makes the door more secure when closed – advised for energetic dogs.
  • Exit hatch: emergency exit for the dog through the passenger area if the boot cannot be opened.

Comfort and Hygiene

  • Rear window: a plexiglass window so you can see your dog and still use the rearview mirror – high crates.
  • Perforated ceiling: additional openings in the ceiling so more light and air can enter the crate.
  • Comfort floor: 12 mm rubber grating. Comfortable and shock absorbing, it stops feet from slipping and keeps your car clean.


  • Bumper Protection: Effective protective mat against scratches when your dog gets in and out of his crate.
  • Tailgate stay: Allows air to circulate in the cargo area when the vehicle is stopped.
  • Telescopic Ramp: Helps the dog get up without having to jump into his crate.
  • Comfort Cushion: Comfortable and soft. Flax coloured. Washable microfibre and foam. 24 kg.
  • Cotton Towel: Use it to wipe your dog’s feet before he gets in.

You’ll find all our accessories for your dog in the accessories section.

Additional information

Weight 28,18 kg
Dimensions 98 × 82 × 66 cm


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How do I specify the size of my dog?


The dog breeds given below are for illustration. We use the breed standards defined by the Centrale Canine. You are advised to always check that the crate you select matches the size of your dog. If you are still not sure, please contact our sales department who will advise you.

Small Dog - S

Examples of small dogs: French Bulldog – Bichon Maltais – King Charles Spaniel – Shetland – German Spitz– Teckel – Westie.

We consider that a small dog can go in a crate of the following dimensions (in cm).

  • Between W48 L52 H54 and W48 L72 H57 for one small dog in a simple crate.
  • Between W65 L52 H54 and W78 L57 H57 for one small dog in a large crate.
  • Between W86 L62 H54 and W92 L72 H57 for two small dogs in a double crate.

Medium Dog - M

Examples of Medium sized dogs:  Beagle – Australian Shepherd – Cocker Spaniel – Epagneul Breton – English Setter – Staffordshire – Welsh Corgi.

We consider that a medium sized dog can go in a crate of the following dimensions (in cm).

  • Between W54 L72 H57 and W54 L82 H60 for one medium dog in a simple crate.
  • Between W78 L62 H57 and W90 L72 H60 for one medium dog in a large crate.
  • Between W92 L77 H57 and W95 L87 H60 for two medium dogs in a double crate.

Large Dog - L

Examples of large sized dogs: : Akita Inu – Border Collie – Braque – Collie – Dalmatian – Husky – Pointer.

We consider that a large dog can go in a crate of the following dimensions (in cm).

  • Between W60 L82 H60 and W60 L92 H66 for one large dog in a simple crate.
  • Between W92 L72 H60 and W95 L82 H66 for one large dog in a large crate.
  • Between W98 L87 H60 and W110 L92 H66 for two large dogs in a double crate.

Extra-Large Dog - XL

Examples of extra-large dogs: : Beauceron – German Shepherd – Boxer – Golden Retriever – Labrador – Malinois – Gordon Setter.

We consider that an extra-large dog can go in a crate of the following dimensions (in cm).

  • Between W65 L87 H66 and W65 L97 H72 for one extra-large dog in a simple crate.
  • Between W98 L77 H66 and W98 L87 H72 for one extra-large dog in a large crate.
  • Between W98 L92 H66 and W110 L97 H72 for two extra-large dogs in a double crate.

How to be sure that the dog crate you choose is the right one for the size of your dog?

Every dog is unique so we recommend that you measure your dog before confirming your purchase. How do you measure your dog?

1- GROUND FOOTPRINT: The dog must be able to travel laid down, turn round and turn over in his crate. That means it must be wider and deeper than the dog when he is laid down.

-> Measure the area taken up by your dog when he is laid down curled up by putting him on a square to check the minimum area of the crate in terms of Width and Length.

2- HEIGHT: The dog must be able to stand up to get in his crate.

-> Measure the size of your dog. With the dog standing, measure from the withers or point of shoulder to the floor. This gives the minimum height of your crate.

NB: It is not a good idea to buy a crate that is too big for your dog because he will be tossed about when the car is moving. By their nature dogs like the feeling of a den created by a confined space.

How do I accurately measure the cargo area in the car?

We have measured all the brands and models of cars in the configurator ourselves. We frequently visit dealers to check the measurements on new vehicles. If your car is not listed, please call us and one of our technicians will assist you over the telephone.