Dibaro, caisse de transport pour chien


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The Braveur – Dibaro team

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Dibaro, the transportation solution for all dog owners

“A dog’s place is with his master”.

“A dog’s place is with its master”. Thomas Bouy, founder of Braveur, considers this statement to be self-evident. As a hunter and dog breeder, he quickly became a successful businessman. His passion for dogs is now a way of life.

When he set up Braveur, Thomas decided to develop durable and secure dog carriers to transport working dogs easily and safely. Because of its first-class service and high quality manufacturing, the company established itself as a market leader in canine transportation. Braveur has over 20 years of experience, designing and manufacturing 100% French top-quality tailored crates. Travelling with their dog is therefore just sheer routine for dog professionals, breeders, mushers, dog owners and trainers.

To extend the range and meet the needs of all dog owners, Braveur has created a specific and standardised range with the same attention to detail on materials and manufacturing.

Pratique sportive

Do you just want to get to the dog club to train your Australian Shepherd in dog dancing? You’d love to get out with your Husky to do canine off-road biking? Travel stresses your Border Collie and you want to keep him calm for obedience work? You need reliable transport to take your Epagneul Breton for a run in the forest every day?

Dibaro is the transport system you are looking for, for a simple outing or for sport, pleasure or competition. Strong but light, technical but practical, made with standard processes but with tailored configurations. Designing a Dibaro for the size of your vehicle and the breed of your dog means you have a reliable transport system however difficult and long the journey.

Dibaro, French products from Braveur

The Dibaro range was designed to accommodate the most common sizes of car and dog breeds.

Features of a Dibaro crate:


Secure and reinforced closure mechanism.

Design suitable for car loading areas with a tailgate.

Multiple air holes on the sides.

10 mm PVC panels.

Strong anodised aluminium structure.

Other options and accessories are available to increase the safety and comfort of your dog.

Installation client - Caisse Dibaro

How do I order a DIBARO Crate?


1. Configure your dog crate

(model, safety, comfort, accessories)

2. Set up an account

and confirm your details.

3. Choose a delivery method.

as a kit or assembled
(on request)

4. Pay on-line

By credit card
or bank transfer

5. Your crate will be shipping

in kit form within 10 days

Watch the assembly video on Youtube

Made by K9MP.
rates are easy to put together due to the carefully designed construction system.

Some of our satisfied ambassadors




I do a lot with my whippets […] and I never go on holiday without them. I selected this van specifically so I could fit it out as I wanted. I then asked Braveur to do it. They did an exceptional job from my drawings and sketches.



Mushers & Siberian Huskies

Braveur is a company with integrity and undeniable professionalism. They get very closely involved with their customers and future customers. […] The equipment is high quality, reliable, lightweight, robust and withstands the attentions of the Huskies. Several options are available. Whether you have a standard product or have it tailored, Braveur will do what you want and tell you if it’s possible or not.

Maitre de chien



They did the work conscientiously, paying very close attention to their customers. We have a working dogs association and we travel regularly all over France. Our priority was the need for quality and comfort for our dogs. We needed space for 5 dogs, robust and durable fittings and for it to be easy to clean.

Field trial

Field trial


I’ve known Braveur’s products since the company was set up. My brother and I are fully equipped: dog crates, night kennels, sleeping trays and floors. The crates are functional and suitable for daily use. We also appreciate that they are easy to clean and robust.